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hi hello recent photo of moi~~

fyf was so awesome so i thought i was going to drive to la from san francisco after school but my dad needed rest from work so we left sf at 3 am and then we got to la at 11 cause we stopped half way and then fyf opened its doors at 2. okay and then i met up with my friend bell and we went to a stage uhhh joyce manor was up first on the main stage and ngl i’m not a fan idk i tried listening to them and i only like their guitar riffs like barry johnson is cute and all but i feel like he’s just yelling like any guy could do that tbh okay hella people on here are gonna hate me but yeah i saw them and i was pretty close and stupid kids were moshin and whatever AND THEN ALBERT HAMMOND GOT ON!!!! I WAS STRUGGLIN BRUH PEOPLE FROM JOYCE MANOR WERE STILL THERE FOR SOME ODD REASON AND  MOSHED TO AHJ LIKE WHYYY??? THEY HELLA RUINED IT FOR ME FOR A SEC and then they stopped and i finally got to experience ahj and all his amazingness <3 he was so great i loved it (minus the moshing in the beginning and omg the main stage had the sun BEHIND IT NOT IN FRONT OF IT SMH so it was hard for me to take pictures omg i was hella mad) okay and then after ahj i went to the other stage to little dragon and i was at the far back but halfway through their set i was almost to the front ayyy (perks of being small) and then slowdive performed after and i was front row like omg they were so good omg i didn’t listen to them much in the past but they performed so well! and then i still stayed for tycho and grimes  GRIMES DUDE SHE WAS MAJESTIC THAT BEAUTIFUL FAIRY OMG I WAS FRONT ROW TOO, AMAZING!!! after grimes, i went to the main stage to see phoenix and they were halfway in their performance but that was okay but yeah i saw them and i was in the middle of the crowd hella quick and i could actually see them so that was awesome and i just danced to all the songs because i was livin my middle school dreamzzz~~~~

sunday omg i went to line at 11 haha nope i was not one of the first 100 maybe 200? but like there was people out there did i mention it was already hot as balls (well to me) since 9 am omg and then doors opened at 1:30 i think? and then the main stage opened at 2 and dude omg there was a mini okay moderate sized stampede and i was dying =( this is what i get for not being able to be at cross country practice omg but like i made it to the stage with bell and we were like touching the barrier which is kinda first row ish depending on how you look at it? well anyway pink mountaintops performed and i was bored out of my mind because the only female in the band was so boring i wanted to die okay anyway kindness performed and it was awesome he stood right next to me while perfoming and him (adam bainbridge) and dev hynes walked pass bell and i omgggg and then at that point i was like okay blood orange has to come out NOW because i love dev so much and then after kindness, mac demarco performed and man my pictures and videos suck because of the whole sun situation like saturday but it was all okay at least i saw my bae i was all good <3 and then tanlines performed and that was real cool too and then blood orange performed and i was screaming all the lyrics and it was sad cause it looked like only bell, a couple few people and i knew who he was but yeah i was singing my heart out and screaming my heart out omg and i was looked at hella weird but I DONT CARE OKAY HE WAS SO AMAZING I CANT EVEN okay and then haim came out and performed no lie they did the same stuff they did two weeks ago at outside lands, kinda disappointed but it’s all gucci they still rocked no lie but they rocked harder at osl which is weird bc they performed at night here and morning at osl man did i mention the crowds sucked not only during haim but in general s m f h norcal fans/osl attendees are more better AND THEN THE WAIT FOR THE STROKES BEGAN I THEY WERE LIKE 10-15 LATE I WAS SO ANXIOUS I WAS FINALLY GOING TO LIVE OUT ONE OF MY OTHER DREAMS OMG AND THE CROWD WAS SO PACKED IN LIKE I COULDNT MOVE AND I HAD TO PULL MY OTHER HAND OUT OF THE CROWD THATS HOW PACKED IT WAS. YOU WANNA KNOW HOW PACKED IT WAS? SOME STROKES FANS LEFT THE CROWD EVEN THOUGH THEY WAITED THE WHOLE DAY FOR THEM BECAUSE IT WAS THAT BAD. IT WAS SO BAD I HAD TO ASK ANOTHER PERSON TO TIE MY HAIR MAN. CROWD WAS SO PACKED THAT MY FANNY PACK WAS REMOVED FROM MY WAIST AND FOUND 2-3 AWAY AFTER THE CONCERT. but when the strokes came out OH MY GOD IM GOING TO KEEP THIS SHORT BECAUSE IM GOING TO START CRYING OR SOMETHING WHILE TYPING THIS OK WELL IT WAS A GREAT SET I SANG ALL THE WORDS AND THE GUITAR RIFFS AND DRUM BEATS AND I SAW MY BABIES WITH THINE OWN EYES AND EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING ESPECIALLY UNDER CONTROL I WAS IN AWE EVEN TIL TODAY JULIANS SMILE IS INGRAINED IN MY MEMORY I HAVE LIVED LIFE MAN I DID IT MOM I MADE IT THANKS FOR THE LATE FULLFILLED 16TH BIRTHDAY GIFT after the concert i was limping and sore I WAS SORE ALREADY IT CAME QUICK MAN MY BODY WAS DONE IN THE END LIMPIN AND ALL BUT I COULDN’T STOP SMILING and then i went straight home drove back to san francisco yep i slept in the car and got even more limpy and sore up lmao~ but dude shoutout to my parents man my mom bought the tickets on her credit card even though she was still in the hospital and then my dad spent almost a $1,000 in two days because he got new tires so we would be safe on the road, paid, for gas, food, hotel and my merch i am so thankful and then when we got to sf my dad went straight to work cause he needed to do his job to get paid (obvi) and omg he went to work for 8 hours and then went back to my house (he doesn’t live with me) to cook me dinner… dude that’s fREAKING love dude i think my dad is trying to make up for not being a dad most of my life… yeah i am so grateful for last weekend <3 <3

this weekend was so amazing dude i saw:

  1. fri - bleachers (well heard them because they were right next to my job)
  2. fri - grouplove
  3. fri - kanye west
  4. sat - dum dum girls
  5. sat - the kooks
  6. sat - local natives
  7. sat - haim
  8. sat - death cab for cutie
  9. sun - imelda may (well heard her too because they were right next to my job)
  10. sun - flume
  11. sun - the flaming lips
  12. sun - the killers

i missed hella on friday cause i worked for 11 hours =( like garfunkel and oats and tegan and sara but then again i hate t&s’s new stuff but i luvvvv their old stuff whatever i liked working more like it was intense!!! oh aw and i missed arctic monkeys to see kanye but then am comes over where i live more so i have a higher chance of seeing am more!!! :)

and then on saturday i didn’t miss anyone i wanted to see :) i was really close to all the acts i saw that day except the kooks cause i just came off of checking in for work just incase they needed someone extra but i could still see the kooks, especially on the screen and aw i was frolicking to see them because they played always where i need to be <3 and i was happy dancing because even if i wasn’t super close, i had hella space to dance!!!! :) especially to she moves in her own way <3 i was so close the dum dum girls cause i came early since i work at ol and went up first and like they are so sassy and they are so hot their style and harmonizing gives me life, i just wished that they did their ‘there is a light…’ smith’s cover :( but it’s gucci man. and then i saw the kooks and then local natives like i only know 3 songs from them but omg they were amazing they had so much energy and kelcey ayer’s voice is incredible like i didn’t record them because i was just in awe of his voice i was tryna soak that stuff in dude hhahah and then haim was after and we got hella close than when we saw local natives and i rocked out to haim with bell so hard i dropped my piercing but i found it and i rocked out even more it was amazing i had a great view and that means a lot because i’m only 4’10 and i didn’t know they were so intense live! i hope i get to see them at fyf dude, their performance better not conflict with someone else (BETTER NOT BE THE STROKES CAUSE THEY PLAY THE SAME DAY) and then after haim it was death cab for cutie and i was tearing up because there was a fence and then dcfc and i was one person behind the fence dude omg like i love you ben (btw happy birthday ben ilysfm) you were amazing we were like what 7-10 feet away from you agh i loved it i think it was the best performance i saw at outside lands dude

and then yesterday like omg flume was tight as fuck like the white peeps were dancing and they were in sync with the music and we were all just jammin and i was not close but a kind of close where it was kinda far lmfao like 100 away from the stage max! i missed lykke li for work but it’s okay :( then the killers were just amazing but i could barely see even though i was like 50 feet away from the front which is slightly close since they perfromed on the big stage but like the last song, when you were young, i was on my bros shoulders and i was just rocking out hella hard like whoooooooooo they were amazing and i was almost about to cry when brandon sang sitting on the dock of the bay <3

man i am so beat from three days of working and concerts but it was amazing and it was for free! and i got free food and i earned my tips!!! :) and also i copped a san franpsycho beanie and a yeezus shirt because they both caught my eye and just were hella sick whooooo am i missing something?? i don’t know lol it’ll come to me i guess


A photo of Kurt Cobain in the bedroom of his North Seattle home, captured by Courtney Love. Courtney claims that this is her single most favorite photo of Kurt.

hi hello i haven&#8217;t been on here for awhile here&#8217;s a selfie because i need to update my face tag i finally pierced my nose for the second time ok 

You finally answered my question from a few weeks back!


yeah uh i’m never on this anymore because i can’t trust people with my feelings lol op sorry not sorry

Whats ur type


i don’t have a type, if i like you i like you

i like white boys though ayyy and like classy black boys NOT the ones who sag their pants and wear hollister and don’t care about school uh no IF YOU’RE HALF BLACK AND WHITE AND YOU FINE O M G

but i don’t really care what race you are